There is a movement growing this election year all across the United States. It echoes the mantra of Derril and Delores Shannon of Kooskia in last week’s Letters to the Editor. "They are going to re-elect no one, since no one so far has done a job worthy of re-election." This new movement is made up Republicans, Democrats, Republicrats and *shudder at the thought*, those " half-brained" Independents. From the smallest county election all the way to the top, Americans are tired of politicians who are getting elected just for the sake of being elected. Once they are in office, they forget who pays their wages. They have become so full of themselves that they see no need to respond to an constituent’s concern and so arrogant that they will smile and ask for your vote with open arms and then turn and spit on the land they ask your sons, daughters, friends and family to sacrifice their lives to protect and serve. You can hear this group’s slogan everywhere you are these days. In this election and in the coming ones it is time for the U.S. voters to "FIRE THEM ALL". If the new person we hire does the same then FIRE THEM TOO.

Sounds harsh doesn’t it. What about the public servants that are genuinely and honestly trying to speak for the voters who have lost their voices? Give them a "job well done" and possibly a raise. To the others just say


There was a time not long ago
I could reach and pull you close
We would share a smile
as our eyes would meet.
Now there is too much to be said
will we ever begin
The loving words we once shared
now seem so empty and cold.
When did we become me
watching you walk away.

Did you notice me watching
you take your first steps
and catch your tears
when you stumbled and fell

Did you notice me on that
first shaky bike ride
and smile when you hugged
your first buddy

Did you notice me shiver
when she caught you looking
and shaking when you
gave her that first kiss.

Did you notice me
laughing when you married
and cheering when you held
your first child

Did you notice that
I’m still with you
even though the years
have taken their toll

Did you ever notice that
your best friend
has always been me
your shadow

It’s Dec 22 2010 in Frostbite Idaho. It’s a balmy 7 degrees and has prompted me to see why we live here. Many locals think that temperatures hovering around freezing and below help preserve us. I guess they could be right since most of them are pickled a lot of the time. The elevation is exactly 1 mile above sea level. One must wonder if we are closer to the sun, why we don’t see scantily dressed women all year-long?
Scantily dressed here is only 3 layers of thermal underwear. Imagination is really the key here. I have two small dogs and when they go out in the morning, they both run out on three legs so there is no time wasted. I’ve had to go break them loose from their stream many times. You might think that is easy but I’m running out on one leg. Same reason.
The last week of January we have a Winter Carnival here. To chase away the winter blues, the residents carve scenes and characters out of ice. I have only done this once. Even with a limited education, I realized early on that pouring water over yourself at 30 below and calling yourself a sculpture wasn’t for me. I didn’t melt out til June.
A 3 dog nite has always meant that you keep three dogs around you to keep you warm at night. At my house it means that you take three dogs with you to the outhouse so they can chew your butt loose from the seat.

Spring river

Wash over me

Let me join you

In your search for the sea

Morning sunshine says

“Come my way.

We have mountains to climb and

Meadows to lay.”

Since man came to this third planet from the Sun, he has spent his existence exploring the frontiers around him.   He first ventured out of the caves onto different continents.  As he evolved,  he ventured across the seas to discover new lands.  Now that the land frontiers have been explored,  he turns his thirst for adventure to the  ocean and to the universe.  There  is a frontier that is closer and not so expensive to explore.   That frontier is ourselves.  Many of us cannot venture into space or into the ocean but we can still be discoverers.   Explore the possibilities within yourself.   They are infinite.

One of the arguments for mankind going to the moon is that  if we can discover the origin of the moon, then we can better understand the origin of the Earth.  Where you came from and how you got here determines who you have  become,   but they do not tell you who you are.   So who are you?

The scientific  answer  is that we are the human side of the animal kingdom.  Unlike the other members of the animal kingdom,  human beings are concerned with the thoughts and actions of others.  Something else humans share is reason.  Reason is the ability to weigh and justify any actions we might take.   Our counterparts in the animal kingdom are motivated by survival not by reason.

I hear some saying that survival of mankind is the reason for our actions.   Animals  do not destroy their habitat.  Animals do not waste their food.  They eat only what they need.  They take care and teach what we would call families and they feel a sense of loss.

Mankind  justifies destroying  its own kind by using survival as the reason.   If one’s color, race or beliefs are different then what we consider normal, they are a threat to our survival as we are to theirs.  The hope is that when we explore ourselves,  we will not limit our thoughts to color, race or belief.

I know it is a long reach.

Two years ago I bought a zero-turning radius riding lawnmower.  What a great deal.  Hardly used and it started right away unlike some of the push mowers I’ve had.  Not known for reading a lot of directions, I got on and figured out how to cut the grass.  I began by cutting off a tree I had been babying along.  The next thing I did was to run it through a rail fence.  No damage to me or the mower on that one.  Eventually I thought I had the hang of it and four hours later the lawn looked somewhat mowed.

It has been two years now and the mower still works great.  The operator, however , has not gotten a lot better.  Today as I was mowing, I tried to take my ear off going by an apple tree.  I saved my ear but the gash across my forehead still hurts.  I think I had better find a place where the trees and bushes are only as tall as my knees.

I heard the whispers when we first met. “Why is she wasting her life when She can have anyone?” “He should act his age and let her grow up.” “She’s being naïve, It’s only lust.” “What is he thinking. He’s twice her age.” They don’t stand a chance.” “She is sure to get hurt.” But you would grab my arm and pull yourself closer. “They are so blind. Love is not about age or is it about lust.” “We cannot live by others words and tears are not always because we’re sad.” “I will follow you on all your paths and I will lead you on all of mine.” Then one day I watched you go where I could not. I caught your last breath with a kiss and shared a tear with you to guide the way. And as you left me I heard a whisper, “What a shame, They were meant for each other.”

I know you are close by because my heart is racing like a first date kiss.

You caught me off guard last time but I’m ready for you now.   It’s not like I’m a little boy.

You are one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen .  I would walk right up to you and introduce myself but I don’t feel like it right now.  Better yet,  I’ll turn away like I never saw you.

You  brush your hair back and smile.  You own this moment.  You know what’s going on.

I turn and watch you walk up the street.    Now it’s my moment.  I just turned and walked into a street sign.

Listening to your soft

breathing as you sleep.

I see a wisp of a smile

now and then.

Are you dreaming

of sunrises,

spring flowers,

or maybe me?

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